Baby Root Canals & Extraction

If your child needs a major procedure like a root canal or an extraction, our team of pediatric dental experts is here to do the job gently and effectively. Unlike a regular dentist who may not know how to help your child feel safe during this sort of procedure, we’re trained specifically to work with kids and love creating a gentle, friendly atmosphere for every child under our care. Contact Hero Pediatric Dentistry in Gainesville, VA, today to schedule an appointment or book online!

What Is a Baby Root Canal? 

A root canal is a procedure to repair a damaged or infected tooth and restore it to its proper function. While root canals are more commonly associated with permanent or adult teeth, we can also perform a root canal on a baby tooth in order to keep it healthy for the months or years needed before it will fall out on its own. 

During a root canal, your child’s dentist will gently make a hole in the enamel of the tooth, and then use that hole to clean out the soft tissue, or pulp, on the inside of the tooth. Once the tooth has been fully cleaned and all the pulp removed, your child’s dentist will place a medication inside and then seal it with a crown.

When Does My Child Need a Root Canal?

We typically perform a root canal in order to rescue a tooth that has become infected or heavily damaged and needs a major intervention in order to avoid having to do an extraction. Left untreated, an infected tooth will not only decay and eventually break down, but will also spread the infection to the surrounding tissues, including teeth, gums, and even your child’s jawbone. With a root canal, we can eliminate the infection and keep further damage from occurring while allowing your child to keep their tooth.

What Is a Dental Extraction?

A dental extraction is a procedure to remove a heavily damaged tooth that is beyond our ability to save. During an extraction procedure, we’ll make sure that your child is fully numb around the affected area, and then take out the problem tooth as quickly and gently as we can. This will prevent any infection from spreading to the surrounding tissues or affecting your child’s overall health, as well as eliminate the discomfort that comes from living with a rotting tooth.

When Does My Child Need an Extraction?

We usually recommend an extraction only when a tooth is too far gone to save using other methods. Occasionally, we may also suggest extracting a baby tooth if it is preventing an adult tooth from properly growing into place.  

How Can We Help My Child Feel Comfortable?

In addition to using a local anesthetic (novocaine), we can also offer safe, effective dental sedation options during all dental procedures. Sedation medications can help your child to feel safer and more relaxed during a root canal or an extraction, and some options can even help put your child into a drowsy state where they become less aware of their surroundings. Ask your child’s dentist about whether sedation might be helpful.

Expert Care Your Child Can Count On

We’re a group of kind, friendly pediatric dental experts who love taking great care of our patients. Book your child’s appointment online or call today!

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