COVID-19 Protocols

At Hero Pediatric Dentistry, we take all necessary measures to protect your child against Covid-19. As we continue to stay up-to-date on guidelines and recommendations issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and American Dental Association (ADA), we can assure you that your child is in good hands. Below are a few of the measures we have taken to keep our practice safe for you and your child:

  • We will conduct a thorough health screening for all patients and parents that enter our office.
  • Our team has implemented increased cleaning and sanitization procedures for all furnishings and equipment within the waiting room and treatment space.
  • All visitors, dentists, and team members are encouraged to wear masks inside the facility.
  • Patients or parents who have been exposed to the virus must quarantine for five days. If symptoms are shown during this time period, the appointment must be rescheduled. If no symptoms are present, the patient is welcome to visit our office.
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