Pediatric Dentistry in Northern Virginia

Dentistry for the Heroes of Tomorrow

Making Dentistry Positive for You and Your Children

At Hero Pediatric Dentistry, we strive to create a positive and welcoming environment for children to associate with their dental visits in Northern Virginia. 

We understand the importance of good dental health for your child, and we want to make their dental care journey as enjoyable as possible.Our friendly staff greets you and your child with warm smiles, and our office features a playroom, games, and prizes to help your child look forward to their visit. Say goodbye to the “scary dentist” stigma and hello to a superhero training experience!

How We Give Kids Brighter Smiles

The Hero Pediatric Dentistry Story

Hero Pediatric Dentistry in northern Virginia was founded by two brothers, an orthodontist and a general dentist, who shared a deep passion for dentistry.

When the opportunity arose for them to take on a new practice, first founded by Dr. Lezley Mcilveen, they jumped at the chance to bring their shared vision of dentistry to life.

Between our leading dental providers Dr. Tamer and Sherif Elhady, they have 8 children—in opening a pediatric practice, it helped fulfill their desire to provide a patient-centered practice that offered exceptional dental care to children of all ages.

Since then, we have welcomed additional providers to our team who are passionate about bringing joy to kids’ dentist visits.

The Results of Our Heroic Efforts

Why We’re Passionate About Pediatric Dentistry

Education for Lifelong Dental Health

We give comprehensive information on dental health and at-home care to make sure you and your child have what you need to make the best choices.

Positivity Dentistry for Kids

We want kids to look forward to the dentist and to care about protecting their teeth, by providing fun ways to engage with their dentists.

Better Smiles for All

By encouraging positivity around dentistry from a young age, we hope to bring better awareness to the general public for better care of their dental health.

Meet Our Dentists

Each of our board-certified team members values the opportunity to bring comfort and joy to your kid’s dental health.

 Meet our Dentists

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